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Case Study: Happy Client

Seamus Kay, CEO of Associated Cleaning Services talks about a recent case with a prospective client:

1. The Challenge- Client Satisfaction and meeting expectations

Associated Cleaning Services was recently requested to provide a quote on the cleaning of head office facilities for a medium sized business. The challenge was to provide a solution to all the problems and issues that were evident with the client’s experience with the previous cleaners. These issues included: poor standard of cleaning ,lack of or absence of initiative shown  by cleaners, unsatisfactory cleaning schedule and lack of effective communication with the client. These all resulted in poor presentation, unhygienic conditions of the premises and worse, the work environment affected  staff morale.


2. The Process/How we went about it:

I was able to meet with the two site managers from the business, and explained to them how we use a different inspection and reporting process compared to other cleaning companies. Through this, I was able to explain and communicate effectively how our cleaning and workplace, health and safety processes were compatible and easy to integrate with theirs. The Associated Cleaning Services process is flexible and customised to allow them to manage their operations with our schedule and methods in a systematic manner.

We created a schedule for their head office, so that the shifts would efficiently cross over two site shifts with a separate cleaning service for night duties. In addition, we created a separate schedule for the branch network so that it would suit the available times and operational requirements of each individual branch and the respective managers’ preferences.

We then presented our quote to the client and demonstrated how our large number of area managers with field laptop systems would ensure that the branches were also kept in the reporting cycle.

3. The Result/Outcomes/Conclusion:

Our proposal was successfully accepted. We are pleased to say that Associated Cleaning Services has provided the client with stability, improved morale, improved respect for head office from the branches and above all- clean and hygienic premises. Because of our enthusiasm and commitment to meet this client’s needs, the relationship then developed to include all the branches across South East QLD. To ensure total commitment to our client, our HR manager went to head office to meet with the WH & S officer to ensure the clients safety processes and requirements are incorporated into out staff inductions. Regular communication with the client ensures that he is getting the best value return and results.

Overall our survey results indicate that the client was very happy with our services. He noted that our communication efforts were valuable and effective and that the cleaning standard was exceptional.