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The Associated Cleaning Services Difference

Our people are our key asset

Our people are what make us unique.  From the top down, Associated Cleaning Services boasts of riches in its long serving management and staff.  From CEO Seamus Kay through to our cleaners, quality cleaning, perfection and reliability are our common traits.

The loyalty of Associated Cleaning Services staff speaks of the respect and affection in which they are held and also reflects the level of satisfaction of our clients. Many of our staff have been with us for 10, 20 and even 30 years.

Our cleaners are always on time, and always thorough

Associated Cleaning Services has been providing cleaning services to many of our clients for decades.  This is testament to the quality and reliability of our cleaning services and dedicated personnel.  Old fashioned words like honesty, industriousness, punctuality and respect best define us.

We’ve been cleaning Queensland businesses for over 40 years!

Associated Cleaning Services came into being in 1969 - the same year as Woodstock, students protests worldwide and many more events that made history!  After more than forty years there isn’t much we don’t know about cleaning - particularly as we have enjoyed the wealth of accumulated experience not to mention the security and stability of only two CEO’s in all that time.